About Us


Technocrates Construction Limited covers all aspects of Building & Civil engineering works. It mainly include New Builds, Major Extensions, Construction of High Rise Buildings, Major Refurbishment and Property Maintenance works both in Private and Public Sector. We provide competitive quotations and professional competent workmen. We provide better services to our customers of commercial and residential construction. We provide a range of products to fit most of today's householder’s requirements. Project owners who wish to delegate single source responsibility for their project should talk to us about our Design/Build program. This program coordinates the entire design and construction process, including planning permission, program development, budgeting, schematic design, design development, contract document preparation, scheduling, Construction and commissioning. This single source solution works well for clients who do not have the available time for multiple points of Contact.


Our Approach

Commitment to customer care and satisfaction, Quality and a responsible approach to the safety have resulted in repeat business with many clients. Our teams have a duty of care to support our high standards of customer service. They are fully trained in all the necessary skills and work in accordance with rigorous systems for Health & Safety, Quality and Environmental Management. Our guidelines on customer care include the attitude, presentation and behaviour of our employees and a prompt, professional response to correspondence and telephone calls. Regular surveys of our clients ensure that we meet agreed standards. Working on projects budgets typically range between £500K and £5m, we strive to demonstrate our commitment to professionalism with integrity and customer care.


It is our belief that a successful project involves the co-operation of the entire construction team and consequently we prioritize in providing a team who will work closely alongside the design team; an essential element in seeing a successful conclusion to any project. We are committed to continuous improvement through training, the harnessing of innovative technology and the development of pioneering partnering arrangements with our clients, business colleagues and Suppliers.


Our Management System has been designed to highlight those key elements critical to continuing business success. It strives to integrate the company's expectations for the management of Health, Safety, Environment, Commitment to Customers and Quality. It has been structured in such a way that individuals receive clear and concise information relevant to their role within the company, whilst maintaining flexibility for individual initiative and flair. The system is dynamic, allowing all employees to contribute constructive criticism and ideas for improvement.

Health & Safety

The business success of the company is founded on a policy of continuous improvement in health and safety performance. With commitment, co-operation and an effective management system, we believe it is possible to conduct our operations in such a way as to prevent injury, ill health and damage to property. In support of this, all employees are required to fulfill their legal duty to take reasonable care of themselves and other people who may be affected by their actions and to fully support the company in the management of health and safety as a whole.


We continually strive for improvements within our business and working hard to achieve the best quality management standards. This approach includes establishing clear goals and responsibilities, implementing our Active Learning model along with a rigorous regime of inspection and auditing and investment in training.