Welcome to Technocrates Construction Limited. Technocrates Construction Limited is a privately owned Construction company with an extensive range of services which mainly include Construction of Multi Storey Structures, Major Refurbishments, New Builds, Major Refurbishments and Property Maintenance works etc both in Private and Public Sector. We work closely with our clients to achieve their aims. Our approach is flexible to suit client preferences. Technocrates Construction Limited is working towards to become one of the foremost privately owned Construction Company in the industry.

The company is dedicated to consistently and safely delivering projects on time and within budget. We bring our vast experience to the projects, working closely with the design team, Local Authorities, Supply Chain and Client to ensure that the completed project meets everyone's expectations. Your Proposed Project will be a showpiece, with workmanship of unparalleled quality. Trust Technocrates Construction Limited to make your Proposed project a pleasant experience.


Our Aim

"To be the leading operator renowned for Quality, honesty, customer service, respect for people and providing best value"

Our Prime Objectives

  • Health & Safety
  • Quality
  • Honesty
  • Customer Focus
  • Cost Effective

Our People

TCL is committed to provide a safe, open-minded and inspirational environment in which our people can fulfil their potentials by

  • Ensuring our workforce is motivated, engaged and appropriately skilled;
  • Caring each employee’s health & safety;
  • Encouraging diversity and eliminating discrimination;


We continually strive to reduce and mitigate our environmental impact by,

  • Encouraging a higher level of reuse and recycling;
  • Reducing carbon emissions;
  • Providing renewable energy for our sites;
  • Reducing water consumption;
  • Selecting materials and equipment having minimal environmental impact;
  • Selecting our suppliers to abide by our environmental policies.

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